Revising Airgas invoicing to avoid errors

May 22, 2019

To reduce the number of Airgas invoice errors, Procurement and Accounts Payable are working with Airgas to revise their invoicing practices. Now when Airgas submits electronic invoices, the referenced purchase order will be verified before any further processing. If the PO is non-existent, the invoice will not be transmitted to Yale and not imported into Workday. Airgas will then contact the department to learn the correct purchase order number or request that a new purchase order be established for the account.

The revised invoicing process will only recognize purchase orders that were created in Workday. It will not recognize purchase orders converted from Oracle POs.

Procurement will send a follow-up email to affected Lead Administrators to take action to replace converted Airgas POs with new Workday purchase orders by June 14, 2019.  If new purchase orders are not created by that date, departments will experience delivery and invoicing issues.