Submitting check requests for the 2019 Student Prizes, Awards and Fellowships

May 1, 2019

Check requests for the 2019 Commencement Student Prizes, Awards and Fellowships must be prepared and submitted to Shared Services by May 10–to have them by commencement day. There are two different processes for payments: 

  • one for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents with U.S. addresses and
  • another for U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents without U.S. addresses or International Students.

To determine the correct payment process, please click here.

Note: To ensure international students receive the appropriate tax forms at the end of the calendar year, please ask recipients to update their permanent mailing address if it will change.

Recipients will receive an enclosure with their prize/award/fellowship explaining any tax reporting/withholding and contact information for any questions. As required, tax forms will be mailed the following year to the permanent residence address captured by the Check Request (Supplier Invoice Request). 

Due dates and other important notes:

  1. Check requests for Fellowships, Prizes and Awards that are submitted by the end of the business day on Friday May 10, 2019, checks will be ready for pick up by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 16, 2019.
  2. Check requests received after May 10 may not be ready in time to distribute at commencement.
  3. The Finance Support Center (FSC) will contact business offices when checks are ready for pick up at 2 Whitney Ave (Treasury Services).
  4. Questions should be directed to the FSC at

The process for domestic students with US addresses:

All check requests for Fellowships, Prizes and Awards for domestic students must be submitted via the simplified spreadsheet process (PandA). This is regardless of whether submitting an individual check request or multiple requests. To submit check requests via (PandA) and review detailed instructions, please log in here.

The process for international students or domestic students without US addresses:

  1. Check requests for international students should be submitted using the Supplier Invoice Request. Follow these instructions, select “commencement” in the handling code field.
  2. It is recommended that tax documents be submitted to the Tax Department prior to submitting the check request to Yale Shared Services. If you note that “the tax documents are in the tax office” in the memo field (Business Purpose), this information will appear on the invoice description on the check stub. If you do not want this information to appear on the check stub, please use the “internal memo” field.

Questions should be directed to the FSC at