Working to Improve the IT Service Experience

May 2, 2019

As a result of a user journey mapping exercise completed by IT leadership in 2017, a Service Experience Improvement pilot project was designed and put into place to help service owners and service offering managers understand how individuals in the Yale community consume IT services.

Over the past year, Sylvia Perez, user researcher, partnered with service owners and service offering managers to evaluate their individual services. Goals of the pilot included providing a clear picture of a user’s end-to-end experience. The evaluations helped identify gaps between digital touchpoints (e.g., websites), departments, and communication channels.

 “Wow! This one simple word sums up our participation in the pilot. From the beginning, through each milestone, I knew we were doing the right thing. Executed flawlessly, the process flowed logically and yielded invaluable feedback. The presentation of deliverables confirmed the value of improvement work underway and provided insight into details we completely overlooked. This was by far the most helpful presentation of ‘the voice of the customer’ I have received,” recalls service owner, Rick Kremer, Faculty & Staff Support.  

For the pilot, Perez developed a framework, grounded in user experience methodologies, that included a period of discovery and planning. She interviewed users and created journey maps and personas to illustrate their experiences. Then, as a final phase of the evaluation, she shared her findings with the service owners and service offering managers. This led to creating an actionable set of recommendations to improve the service.

During the pilot, Sylvia focused on three service experiences:

  1. Downloading software as a staff member
    Service: Software Delivery & Configuration > Managed Workstation Program
  2. Connecting to WiFi as a student
     Service: Network Services > WiFi
  3. Using MyApps at Yale as a student
    Service: Software Delivery & Configuration > Virtual Apps & Desktops

The User Experience Service Evaluation pilot is complete and in full operational status. This new program is part of the IT Improvement Program, established to help improve the operational effectiveness of ITS.

To learn more about the User Experience Service Evaluation, email