Yale College and GSAS Begin Going Paperless

May 30, 2019

The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS) and Yale College were among the first groups to successfully launch paperless forms to campus constituents in the spring of 2019. Because these forms had specific use cases requiring heavy integration with the Student Information Systems (SIS), the IT team, along with the University Registrar’s Office, worked diligently to address these complex needs with custom functionality. IT enhancements to the baseline software include:
  • Using a student’s answers to pull routing information from the SIS database as a student completes the form
  • Personalizing the available answer choices for specific questions, based on a student’s SIS data
  • Developing a custom email service to notify support staff of form progress
  • Working with the vendor to change the software and develop group routing functionality
  • Tailoring the rejection responses to meet department needs
  • Writing application programming interfaces (APIs) to pre-populate student information fields with SIS data
  • Integrating approved form data with the student’s SIS record and uploading the form to the document repository (AppXtender) upon form completion 
These forms have been a tremendous success, streamlining workflows, reducing errors, cutting processing time, offering convenience, and eliminating onerous data entry. The collaborative effort with IT has fundamentally improved the student, staff, and faculty experience of essential forms. Building on the success of this launch, we are already engaged in designing a second phase of paperless forms that target key student processes. For more information about paperless forms, please contact dynamicforms.its@yale.edu.