Yale Software Library holdings review

May 30, 2019

The IT Software Library is the main location to find administrative, research, learning, and productivity software to support your Yale work.

As we close out one academic year, and prepare for the next, it is time for the annual review and refresh of the listings in the Software Library. Technologies change - new software tools are constantly emerging that enable new types of research or support our daily work in new ways. If there are software tools appearing within your academic discipline which you believe should be considered for listing in the Yale Software Library or want to suggest software titles not currently available, please let us know.

Funding for titles included in the Software Library varies. Some titles require a valid Yale charging line / Chart of Accounts (COA) to cover the licensing cost. Others have license costs sponsored by a Yale unit, and so, are available to all or selected members of the Yale community at no additional charge. A limited number of the available titles redirect to an open-source (available to the public) download site or to a vendor-supported website. Access to the Software Library requires an active Yale Net ID.

Many software companies offer substantial educational discounts, which members of the Yale community are eligible to receive. For your convenience the most popular titles can be found in our OnTheHub store. Purchases through OnTheHub require a credit card.

For general questions, or suggestions related to the Yale Software Library website, email software@yale.edu.