Introducing new Major Incident support

June 27, 2019

Members from ITS participate in training on new Major Incident processEffective Tuesday, July 9, a new duty officer rotation will be introduced, replacing Cheryl Boeher and Marty Wallace as Major Incident managers. Information Technology Services (ITS) senior leaders will now be duty officers. Each Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m., a senior leadership team member will be the duty officer for the week. Sandra Germenis will start the rotations.

In the event of significant impact to a major incident service, on call staff, service owners, and duty officers will work together to bring the services back online and communicate appropriately. This change in process will move ITS forward as a more service-aligned organization.

Twice during June, ITS senior leadership, representatives from the Help Desk and Data Center Operations, as well as service offering managers and service owners for all IT services, participated in use cases and training on the new Major Incident process training.

Many thanks for all the work on major incidents that were led by Cheryl Boeher and Marty Wallace over the years. Outstanding job!!