Meet Our ITS College Interns

June 27, 2019

At the ITS Help Desk, Kelly, a Yale employee, bustles in with her laptop and iPhone in hand. She is traveling out of the country and needs to make sure there is enough storage on her phone to take pictures while she is away. Jacob and Taslim greet her warmly and help transfer her photos and videos to iCloud storage to maximize space on her phone. “The service is so nice here!” Kelly exclaims, “I’ve been working at Yalefor 20 years and just started coming to the walk-in center. It’s much better than the Apple Store.”

Taslim and Jacob are just two of our college interns this year, and Kelly is not the only person they have helped. “We get about two people a day coming into the Walk-In Center” Jacob explains. But when they are not helping someone there, they keep themselves busy with other projects. “We repaired a screen, fixed a few keyboards, took care of some help desk calls, and we are currently working on an exam that will be implemented in the new-hire process” Taslim tells us.

As college interns, they also take part in events and workshops that enhance their experience over the summer. One of these was a lunch with our Chief Information Officer, John Barden. He met with all 20 of our interns –the largest group since the project started in 2014 –to talk about his journey and give them advice on being successful in their career paths.

During the lunch, John explained how luck can only go so far. “You may get lucky when a door opens for you, but it’s whether you walk through that door or not that determines your ability to seize opportunity” he says. Our interns have certainly seized this one.

Within their internships, each student is learning important skills that they will be able to implement in their future careers. “I love it” Jesmarie, a student at the University of Connecticut studying Computer Science says when asked about her time at Yale. “I can better understand what Cyber Security is like in a work environment, and I love that because this is the field I want to pursue after college.”

Other interns include Shyam, who attends the University of New Haven and is majoring in Computer Engineering. Shyam is making enhancements to an app for Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) elections. Rayleen is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems at Southern CT State University, where she is working on the development stages to convert dissertation progress reporting for PHD students from paper to digital. “I enjoy the experience I’m getting in a work environment and I like feeling busy, I have a lot of different things to work on” Rayleen says. Vince, a student at Georgia Institute of Technology, completing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, is coding a series of commands in the PL/SQL programming language combining database procedures with procedural programming. We wish all our interns the best as they complete their summer in our IT department, and hope the skills they learn, the people they meet, and the work they do will help them along the way to a successful career.

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