New Generation of Deans Housing and Advising Reports

June 27, 2019

Each year, as Yale University prepares to welcome the incoming first-year students, there are critical activities leading up to their arrival on campus. The process is kicked-off in mid-August when new applicants can begin to apply to Universities through one of the available public college application tools. Yale University releases decisions to students and receives replies between December and May. Then, it is time to start planning for their arrival.

Very important components of the college experience for new students include where they will live and who they will be rooming with. Advisers and counselors are placed to offer support, so information about the student is key to having a positive outcome in this arena. In addition to the information obtained during the application process, students can submit a housing survey where they express their housing preferences.

There are many data points and many integrations between systems needed to bring all this information into a usable format to aid in the intricate process where the Undergraduate Admissions Office, residential college deans, and their assistants assign the students to their residential college, room, adviser, and counselor.

The process and reports supporting this activity were antiquated, cumbersome, and on outdated technology (Oracle and Brio). This was impacting the quality, timeliness, and effectiveness of the reports used for supporting those performing the critical task of housing and adviser assignments.

To that end, IT partnered with the Undergraduate Admissions Office, Yale College Deans Office, and the University Registrar’s Office to streamline the process and eliminate redundancies. Overall, we improved our ability to ensure accuracy. We accomplished this by moving the reports to Jasper Soft. Departments now have direct access to run the reports themselves and the data is refreshed multiple times a day.

This month, we moved the new Jasper Deans First-Year Housing and Advising reports to production, where they are used to successfully aid the residential college deans and their assistants in completing the complex task of room and adviser assignments for the incoming class of 2023. All this work culminated with the release of the welcome letter announcing the assignments to the incoming first-year students on Wednesday, June 26.

This accomplishment is a true testament to our continued commitment to support the mission of Yale University.

Note from Yale College Deans Office: “ITS worked with the Office of Student Affairs, Admissions, and the University Registrar, to design user-friendly reports for our residential college dean’s office to use in the process of housing over 1500 new students. The old process was indeed cumbersome and the new accessible system was welcomed by all the residential colleges.”