Herbs, fresh air, and flowers - HR garden

July 18, 2019

HR staff are welcome to snip some herbs for flavor or to bring some nature into their office spaces.Need a spot to get some fresh air? Want to relax and give your eyes a reprieve from the computer for a few minutes? Try relaxing in the sunshine with a good read on your break or meet a colleague for a picnic table lunch in our garden space at 221 Whitney Avenue. The Human Resources (HR) Green Team invites you to take advantage of the garden space they’ve been maintaining as part of the Yale Sustainability Plan since 2015. 

The flower and herb garden at 221 Whitney, just outside of LL5/LL6 is available to enjoy when the adjacent training room is not in use. HR staff are welcome to snip the plants to flavor spa water, use for team potluck recipes, or add a touch of nature to their events and office spaces. Enjoy basil, mint, savory, lavender, marigolds, zinnias, and more.Enjoy the picnic tables and benches surrounded by fresh herbs and flowers in the HR Garden.

Take a break while soaking up some sunshine surrounded by the scent of fresh herbs and flowers.Interested in joining the HR Green Team? 
Contact brenda.naegel@yale.edu.