Introducing our 2019 Early Career Development Program participants

July 11, 2019

On Thursday, June 20, Yale Information Technology Services (ITS) hosted a celebration to welcome the new participants of the Brian J. Wolson Early Career Development Program (ECDP).

 Kameryn Larkins, Kaylah Gore, Max Barreuther, and Azm Hussein.This year, four new participants – Max Barreuther, Kaylah Gore, Azm Hussain, and Kameryn Larkins – will begin their journey at Yale for the next 18 months. Here, they will have the opportunity to work in three different disciplines within ITS. Twenty-two other college graduates have completed the program since its inception in 2013, and the results are impressive:

Seventy-seven percent of the current graduates have been hired for a full-time position at Yale, 60 percent of all participants to date are from underrepresented groups in the IT profession nationwide, and 24 of the 29 participants attended a college in Connecticut.

“Persistence, patience, and passion”, former intern Uchenna Ogbejesi emphasizes, as he speaks about his experience in the ECDP. “You have to persist in the pursuit of your goals and dreams, trust the process, and be passionate about what you do.”

Uchenna is now a full-time employee at Yale after completing rotations as a business analyst, technical analyst, and Portfolio Management Office (PMO) analyst. Currently, he works in the PMO as an IT portfolio analyst; his is just one of the many success stories cultivated through this program.

A few ECDP students completing their last rotations shared some advice for the newer members, “Explore the community around the building, engage with Yale events,” one says. “Always check the kitchens for leftover food!” The audience chuckles and nods in agreement.

Toward the end of the event, Annette Wolson, shared a few words in memory of her late husband and beloved member of the Yale ITS community, Brian J. Wolson, of whom the program is named after. His work as an Associate CIO for the ITS Shared Solutions Group and the time he spent leading development teams in the department accentuated his character. Those same values that Brian embodied are what the participants of the ECDP aspire to: honor, courage, determination, resolve, selflessness, respect for others, services, integrity, and technological excellence.

The following are placements for the current and new program participants:

  • Neil Dokurno, Web Technologies
  • Ashvin Pradhan-Shenoy, SASS
  • Adomous Wright, ServiceNow
  • Max Barreuther, Digital Accessibility
  • Kaylah Gore, Linux Systems
  • Azm Hussein, Next Gen Project
  • Kameryn Larkins, Public Computing/Endpoint Engineering

Good luck to all of our ECDP participants!