IT service owners present FY20 plans

July 25, 2019

Immediately following the IT leadership team meeting, service owners joined the IT leadership team at West Campus to present their FY20 plans for services.
Focusing on our strategic anchor of Service Quality, much was accomplished in this fast-paced meeting where service owners presented their service and the roadmap for FY20. Presenters were given three minutes, and no more, to share this information.
Services were presented, providing information on enhancements expected for FY20 and giving everyone in attendance an overview of what to expect.
In a lightning-round format, service owners had the opportunity to request support from other areas within ITS. Appeals were made for testers, use-cases, project management support, and suggestions were solicited for best practices to communicate with specific audiences.
To keep the meeting on schedule, Christine Lago, timekeeper, wasn’t afraid to use her phone alarm (hilarious and loud) to let people know to wrap it up.
Stay tuned, as plans progress service owners will be communicating changes about their services through upcoming editions of the IT Update newsletter