John speaks on future of tech summit and job titles

July 25, 2019

Yale’s Chief Information Officer, John Barden, addresses questions asked by the community through our Ask John survey feature. In this edition, John shares his perspective on the future of the tech summit and provides an update on what’s happening with job titles and descriptions.

Is there any thought to having another tech summit?
At this time, we have not considered reviving the Tech Summit. We have been continuing to support events targeted toward our specific IT strategic goals - such as the IT Knowledge Exchange or the Yale Digital Conference. Both of these have aided in supporting our One IT @ Yale goals. A more broad based technology conference with appeal to the community at large may be considered in the future should there be interest in promoting and co-sponsoring such an event by leaders in Yale’s academic divisions.
Some staff have titles related to prior positions and as changes in roles and/or responsibilities occurred the titles remained the same. Will there be a comprehensive review and realignment in the during the coming year?
We have been through many organizational changes over the course of the last year and each change has given us an opportunity to adjust and validate roles and responsibilities. While there are, and likely always will be, some individual items that require progress, I am unaware of any broad-based issues in alignment. We will continue to address these individual items as opportunity permits. More generally, the university is beginning a process of looking to industry standard, rather than Yale-specific, descriptions. We are beginning to map existing IT jobs to this new framework. That process is likely to unfold over an extended period as we build familiarity with these descriptions and the career progression implied. IT is helping HR to prototype these concepts. At this early stage, we are largely providing feedback on our experience in trying to understand the data more than we are using it to make decisions. We expect additional work on this process of “job family redesign” to unfold over the next few years in concert with a broader institution-wide effort.
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