Leadership meets to plan for FY20 and beyond

July 25, 2019

Earlier this month, the ITS leadership team gathered at West Campus to increase their understanding of the senior leadership team’s (SLT’s) strategic process, help build a healthier organization, and learn about their role. 
Discussions focused on ways to align management, operations, strategy, and culture in the organization. 
There was an emphasis on IT’s three strategic anchors:
  • Service Quality
    Consistent and reliable delivery of valued services.
  • OneIT@Yale
    Working together to provide clear and accessible services.
  • Workplace of Choice
    Great people enthusiastically working toward shared goals.
These anchors remind us to make decisions in a purposeful, intentional way to allow us to maximize success.
Equally important, are IT’s 6 Strategic Objectives:
  1. Enhance Financial Acumen and Responsibility
  2. Optimize Service Offerings and Incentive Model
  3. Improve Service Reliability
  4. Mature IT Governance
  5. Simplify and Standardize Core Processes
  6. Enhance Culture of Accountability
Working groups were asked to review and provide feedback on strategic objective descriptions. Feedback was reviewed and finalized by the SLT.
At the July 31 leadership team meeting, we will be reviewing strategic objective deliverables for FY20, FY21, and FY22.