Content strategy project to improve GSAS website

August 22, 2019

Since April, the Yale Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GSAS) and ITS have teamed up to work on a content strategy project focused on improving the content of the GSAS website. The project’s goal is to help prospective and current students find the information they need. This important work will serve as an investment towards the foundation of a complete overhaul and rebuild of the school’s website in the future.

The project began with a series of exercises to better understand how users are navigating the current site and the type of content they are looking for on the site. Graduate School Director of Admissions Leah Phinney, and her digital team, Denzil Streete and Kathleen Galo, have been deeply involved in the project. Collectively, they bring to the project a wealth of knowledge from their own discovery work with the Graduate School community.

Both teams have most recently been collaborating on revisions of the content through a series of in-person working sessions. ITS will implement all the changes to the site over the next few months, then validate those changes through usability testing. The group expects the newly updated site to launch later this fall.

To learn more about improving your website content to reach your various audiences, register for our “Writing for the Web” YaleSites course: or contact for a content strategy consultation.