IT competencies and performance

August 22, 2019

IT competencies model

John Barden recently shared the following information with ITS staff:

As part of this year’s performance review process, we included the IT competencies—designed to help drive consistency in our practice and foster positive behaviors across the organization. These competencies define the manner by which each staff member’s performance is measured, with a focus on not only “what,” but “how” the work gets done across IT functions.

The “how” is critically important to building the culture of our organization. Culture is formed when a set of certain expected behaviors are adopted and adhered to, and through the IT competencies it is our aim to reposition how we as IT practitioners approach our work and build culture across the organization. 

To aid in the adoption of the IT Competencies throughout the year, we have developed new e-greeting cards that allow you to recognize colleagues who are practicing the expected competency behaviors. I encourage you to visit the performance management web page to review the competencies and access the e-cards.

I look forward to hearing more about colleagues being recognized for how they do their jobs.

Best Regards,

John Barden