The Torta

August 30, 2019

Christine Centola of the Culinary Support Center recently visited Oaxaca, Mexico. While there, she had an amazing culinary experience to which she refers to as ‘the best sandwich ever’. The ‘Torta’ as she called it was described as follows, “The role was fluffy, extremely light and airy, cheese pulled away in multiple strings as I bit and pulled away, elongated threads that could go on forever. The egg batter that surrounded the poblano was soft but the residual that ran off as it hit the hot fat surrounding the pepper was super crispy on the outside. The tiny air bubbles beaten in the egg mixture were frozen in time when it hit the hot lard, it adopted the flavor of the oil, one would think offensive, but this was wonderful, a combination of the day’s (or weeks, I didn’t care) many basket drops. It was a flavor unique to this place and it was incredible. Fortunately, this deliciousness encircled the entire sandwich on the outside edges. The creamy bold flavored black bean spread, the perfectly ripe avocado and the tomato all kept telling me one more bite. The Mexican mayo had a different more acidic bite and, it enhanced and brought all the sandwich flavors together. It was gone in no time.” Here back in Yale Hospitality, we hope to see a sandwich like this in our future!