What are our high school interns up to?

August 8, 2019

The IT High School Summer Internship Program has been a key part of developing a talent pipeline and exposing local youth to information technology since 2013. This summer 15 interns from area high schools are working in various aspects of IT.

Logan Moore and Azariah Baker sit amongst their fellow employees on the 11th floor of the tallest building in New Haven with code on their computer screens, surrounded by wires and hardware. “We reimage a lot of laptops and desktops for Yale employees, update their software, and ensure that the device is encrypted” Azariah explains. “It takes about an hour to reimage the laptop, thirty minutes to update, and sometimes we have to troubleshoot,” Logan adds. In their free time, they reorganize the wires in the cabinets nearby. “Reorganizing might seem simple, but it is actually very tedious. Have you ever tried to untangle your headphones? Imagine your headphones are a couple of feet bigger,” said Logan.

Logan recently graduated high school and will attend Johnson & Wales in the fall for Cyber Security Intelligence and Defense. Azariah is entering her Junior year of high school and is an aspiring musical engineer. Both are enjoying their time in Yale’s High School Internship Program.

Not far away, other interns work in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences IT department; Danielle Lee and Winnie Jiang. They perform similar tasks in terms of reimaging laptops, but they also have the opportunity to shadow other sites as well, “We went to the library and another department to observe what they’re working on.” Winnie tells me.

Participating in this program leaves interns with an impressive amount of new technical skills: “I feel a lot more comfortable with a computer now, particularly MacBooks. I don’t have one at home, so this has been a great learning process for me,” Danielle says. Logan has used his knowledge of the reimaging USB Drive to create a live boot version at home, and Winnie has gathered a lot of new experiences, “recently, I opened up a computer for the first time and was able to see all of its internal components which was extremely interesting”.

In addition to reimaging and working with hardware, some interns are placed in the Business and Finance area of IT, while others work in the Walk-In Center for in-person troubleshooting, and Information Security. As the internship is coming to a close, Azariah is able to reflect on some of the things she has learned while working at Yale. “I have to be patient. Sometimes, I’ll be halfway through the reimaging process and the computer will give an error. I have to start the process over again, and it takes a lot of persistence”. “I really like working here, and I definitely want to come back in the summer,” she adds.

We hope our High School Interns have benefited from the program, and that we will see them again next year! For more information about the IT High School Internship Program, contact alina.colossale@yale.edu.

NOTE: This article, as well as previous IT Internship news, has been written by Hannah Providence. Hannah is a Wilbur Cross High School graduate and will be attending the University of New Haven in the fall. Hannah has been interning in the IT Business office and using her talent in photography and writing for various IT projects.