Coming soon - Accounting adjustments

September 25, 2019

In October, Yale will make available new Accounting Adjustment functionality in Workday. This new task will provide individuals the ability to make changes to budget dates, Chart of Accounts (COA), and in some cases spend category for paid supplier invoices, supplier invoice adjustments and expense reports. The new Adjust Accounting task will replace the need to create manual journals to correct charging and budget date errors.

A new Workday role, Cost Center Accounting Adjustment Specialist, will allow users to initiate accounting adjustments on supplier invoices, supplier invoice adjustments and expense reports.  This is a new standalone role, secured by a cost center that will be available for role assignment by units.

Closer to go live, a user guide will be provided, information on assigning the role, and reports available to support the functionality. Stay tuned for more detailed information coming soon.