Coming soon - New and improved IT phone request forms

September 25, 2019

To streamline the process for ordering desk phones, ethernet connections, or other phone services, the IT Desk Phone team created two new request forms and updated several existing forms.

These forms will make it easier for users to request adjustments to voicemail and other customer changes. The voicemail request form lets individuals request PIN resets, new voicemail accounts, and the voicemail-to-email forwarding functionality.

The list below describes each form and its purpose.
Request changes to PIN or Voicemail form:

  • Voicemail PIN/passcode reset
  • Voicemail to email - unified messaging which sends your voicemails to your Yale email address
  • New voicemail mailbox

Request a change for new users:

  • Telephone line and voicemail to be assigned to a new user
  • Caller ID changes for specific phone numbers

Telephone sets and lines request form:

  • A new line for a telephone or special telephony device, (i.e. fax, credit card reader, conference phone, Blue Phone, etc.)
  • A telephone feature change (i.e. phone mask/number display, add a line to an existing phone, etc.)
  • Change billing information
  • Move a telephone line to a new location
  • Cancel or disconnect a telephone line

Ethernet request form:

  • Install a new ethernet jack/connection
  • Cancel or disconnect an ethernet jack/connection

The new and improved request forms, along with how-to articles, will be available on the Desk Phone on Campus Service Page before the end of September. 

Questions or comments on the new forms? Submit a ticket to the Desk Phone on Campus team.