Introducing Siteimprove - a website improvement tool

September 5, 2019

Have you ever wondered whether there are any broken links on your website? Whether someone can find your website by searching in Google? How about whether the web page is accessible to people with disabilities? Siteimprove is a tool that can help you with all these questions.

The self-service application, available to all Yale faculty and staff, gives website owners the insight they need to work towards improving the quality and accessibility of their websites. Individuals can also use Siteimprove to optimize a website for search-engine discovery, and to capture basic website analytics to prioritize improvement efforts.

How does Siteimprove work?

The Siteimprove crawler (a program that indexes data on the internet) runs every five days, storing an up-to-date version of the website and any issues found. It then sorts these issues into categories such as quality assurance, accessibility, and search-engine optimization. Once the tool sorts any discovered issues, individuals can begin optimizing and improving their website. Using the embedded analytics script on most of the websites, individuals can see the number of page views and clicks on a linked Portable Document File (PDF) to help prioritize these improvement efforts.

How to get started

Send an email to including the name and website URL you would like to access through Siteimprove. A member of the Accessibility team will reply via email when the website is ready for you to access and view. Once you have access, you can begin to explore the available modules.

Attend a workshop!

To learn more about how to use Siteimprove, sign up for the next workshop on Wednesday, October 16th from 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. at 25 Science Park, room 321.
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