A new dynamic form for Yale College

September 5, 2019

This summer, we introduced a new Dynamic Form for Yale College - the Petition to Complete the Requirements of Two Majors.
The form replaces a paper-based version that required students to obtain multiple signatures across campus. This manual approval process often delayed submission of the form by weeks. Creating a new form provided the impetus to change the workflow and facilitate a faster decision process. The new form also uses automatic routing functionality. Now, students need only touch the form once; when their portion of the form is complete, form-routing occurs automatically.
The new form will automatically update a student’s record with an approved major within 24 hours. Advising and reporting records for the newly-added major accurately reflects the current student population. Students’ degree audits, accessible to both students and advisers, will mirror the new course of study once the record updates. With the second major on their record, students will be able to take advantage of priority registration for restricted-enrollment courses in their major. This new dynamic form eliminates the need for manual data entry by the University Registrar’s Office during the busy registration cycle.
Learn more at the Dynamic Forms Support website.