New spend category for non-capitalized furniture purchases

September 18, 2019

For improved monitoring of non-capitalized furniture purchases, a new spend category has been created called Supplies - Furniture (SC758). Effective immediately, this new spend category must be used instead of Supplies - Equipment (SC583).

All non-capitalizable furniture purchases must use this new spend category and may not use SC583. The use of this spend category, regardless of funding source, will ensure adherence to university policy and sponsor restrictions. Please note that although some grants may allow equipment purchases, not all allow furniture purchases. Therefore, units managing sponsored awards must refer to their awarding agency on cost allowability requirements. Other funding sources (gifts or Yale Designated) may also contain restrictions on the purchase of furniture. The spend category structure for furniture is:

  • NEW: Supplies - Furniture (SC758) - Furniture purchases and related supplies that are below the University’s capitalizable threshold. Sponsored awards must refer to their awarding agency on cost allowability requirements.
  • Equipment - Furniture - Asset Purchase (SC032) - Asset purchases that are Equipment - Furniture (above University’s capitalizable threshold)
  • Equipment - Furniture - Lease (SC570) - Leases that are Equipment - Furniture

Spend Category “Supplies - Equipment (SC583)” will still be used for all other types of non-capitalizable equipment.

Please visit the Yale’s Chart of Accounts (COA) website for Spend Categories-Definitions and additional information on appropriate use of COA segments. Please consult Policy 4209 Equipment for guidelines on identifying capitalizable equipment.