Public Safety welcomes new and returning students back to campus

September 16, 2019

Summer is over and the students are back on campus. Our police and security officers have been busy welcoming new and returning students as they move in, say good bye to parents, and start the fall semester. Our team provides safety awareness briefings throughout the year – with most occurring in the late summer and early fall due to mandatory safety orientation requirements for all incoming Yale undergraduates. To date, Yale Public Safety has presented to about 90 groups comprising just under 13,000 individuals across campus.

Incoming student safety orientation sessions include a short video covering an overview of safety services, tips, and other valuable information for new sudents. It also includes information on police services, security operations, and emergency management, including topics such as the LiveSafe App, ID access, and emergency alert messages. Our officers explain how police and security work together creating two layers of security for the campus community and its buildings or properties.

The University is committed to creating a safe environment here on campus including: blue light emergency phones, shuttle services, and walking escorts. New and returning students are encouraged to utilize all these services and keep themselves safe by using common sense and judgement in certain situations. Some advice includes discouragement of behaviors such as walking or running alone at night, propping their dorm room open, and leaving personal portable electronics or valuables out in the open.

At the end of each presentation, we allow time for questions from the students. The officers get a chance to interact with students individually, hopefully providing information that will keep them safe throughout their time here at Yale.