Tech Talks

September 19, 2019

As the academic year marks a new learning opportunity for Yale students, it also coincides with a new learning series for our information technology (IT) community. Earlier this month, the IT Staff Development team hosted the first in a series of learning sessions called Tech Talks. Each one-hour session features one of a wide variety of topics targeted toward IT professionals.

The inaugural session featured a presentation on Yale’s Next Generation Network (NGN) by Morrow Long. The presentation provided a description of the NGN project goals, an explanation of the major design decisions, and clarification of what was in and out of scope for the project. Long also detailed the current and future state of the network. These comparisons discussed network speeds and the robustness of our network closets, backbone, and hardware vendors. The talk also focused on describing potential security challenges inherent in our current network configuration. Supporting graphics helped attendees visualize how some proposed conceptual solutions would work.

In addition to defining terms and acronyms related to the project, the presentation also explained the four major current issues, and decisions, thus far, on how the project will address each concern. A question and answer session followed.

The event was received positively. Some of the 47 attendees also shared their appreciation for the various snacks and tech gear raffles accompanying the kick-off of this learning series. A majority of the 20 post-event survey respondents were overwhelmingly positive about the presentation, the topic, and the presenter. Many found the talk informative and indicated the complex topic was easy to understand. Someone remarked that they’ve learned more about NGN through this Tech Talks presentation than through any other presentation. The survey also inquired what else attendees want to learn about the topic and will guide suggestions for future NGN presentations.

Raffle prize winners included: Sandy Bouton, Norm Morales, and Piyush Kumar.

Don’t miss the upcoming October Tech Talks:

Howard GilbertAdvanced Windows Features for Everyone

Wednesday, October 2
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
25 Science Park, room 125

Howard Gilbert, senior software engineer, will present useful technical features in Windows 10 that most people do not know about. This talk will point out unadvertised technology in Windows desktop that even experts often overlook, but which can be quite useful to everyone. We will introduce Storage Spaces (Redundant Pool of surplus disks configured as a resilient volume), VHD and difference disk images, disk2vhd, directory links (junctions and symlinks), Hyper-V, BCDEdit, WSL 1 and 2, and related topics where less time will be spent on each successive topic in this list.  
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Maureen VelazquezData Governance at Yale

Wednesday, October 16
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
25 Science Park, room 125

Maureen Velazquez, representing ITS Institutional Reporting & Analytics, will discuss advancement of Data Governance at Yale. This Tech Talk will spotlight data governance best practices to reduce risk, expedite access to accurate answers, increase analytical efficiency, produce consistent insight, and promote the desired data culture of the future. Come learn first-hand about the partners, tools, and resources that advanced Data Governance at Yale this first year.

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Andy NewmanBlockchain/Bitcoin Basics

Wednesday, October 30
3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
25 Science Park, room 125

Ever since the popular cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin hit the news, the technology press has been abuzz touting the many future applications of blockchain technology. In this TechTalk, Andy Newman, director of Enterprise Architecture, will teach about the technical details of blockchain algorithms and guide attendees through a step-by-step analysis of the Bitcoin implementation. You will learn how work-based blockchain operates, and we will conclude with a brief discussion of the challenges and limitations of this emerging technology. Be sure to stay hydrated as some light math will take place.

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