Workday Update September 7 - What to expect

September 11, 2019

On Saturday, September 7, Yale updated Workday to a new version. Below please find some helpful information about the changes.

Action button color change

The primary action button that appears at the bottom of the screen during business processes (including: Submit, Done, Approve, Start, Next, and OK), will change from orange to blue to improve readability and accessibility.

Job Profile prompt change - For Business Office and Central Support roles

When performing Create Job Requisition, Change Job or Add Additional Job, the prompt categories in the Job Profile field will change, making it easier to find job profiles.  New prompt categories:

  • Suggested: Job Profiles that have been used in the proposed Supervisory Organization and two levels below it in the Org Chart.
  • Recent: The last ten unique Job Profiles you have used on any of these business processes.

The other two prompt categories, By Job Family and Within Guidelines, will remain unchanged.

For questions, please contact the Employee Service Center or at 203-432-5552.

Changes to Expense Reports

Changes have been made to Expense Report processes to improve usability.

  • Changes to Create Expense Report
    • There is a new Merchant column in the screen where you select credit card and quick expenses.  For credit card transactions, this will have the same information as the Charge Description/Memo column. 
    • The new Merchant field in Quick Expenses will display the information you input (and will not copy from the Charge Description/Memo field.)
    • In the Itemization section, the Non-Recurring Charges label is removed.
  • Changes to the Expense Report worklet when working on a browser
    • When you select the Expenses worklet, there is a new Edit Expense Report button when you have reports in draft status.

  • In Recent Expense Reports, the expense report status, date, and a truncated memo are now displayed.

  • Changes to the Expense Report worklet when working on a mobile device
    • The Expenses field name is changed to Available Expenses.
    • The Scan Expense field name is changed to Scan Receipt.
    • The Enter Expense field name is changed to Enter Quick Expense.

Issue with Expense Report printing
An intermittent issue has been detected with the Print icon on expense reports. When selecting the Print button, a confirmation window displays, but in some cases the document is not generated.  We are working with Workday to resolve this issue.

New Invoice field not in use: Worktag Split Template

Workday has added the Worktag Split template field to Invoice lines.  This field is available on the Invoice screens (such as Supplier Invoice and Invoice Information) but is not currently in use.

For questions, please contact the Finance Support Center or at 203-432-5394.

Workday extended outage

Workday will be unavailable Saturday, September 7, 2019 2:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Workday can and does make changes up until the day of release. To understand any new updates, watch for information on the Workday banner.