Ask Janet - Response to Sept. 2019 Question

October 25, 2019

Read Vice President for Human Resources & Administration, Janet Lindner’s response to the question submitted in the September edition of Inside HR&A!


How do you like to start your day, and if reading the news is part of it, what is your favorite section?


I read a lot of news online, and my go-to sources include The New York Times, CNN, the New Haven Register, the Yale Daily News and the New Haven Independent. I check to see what’s happening in New Haven, the country, and the world. When there is a local crisis or threatening weather, I check out WTNH and WFSB online.

I try to avoid reading emails before I get to work, but I usually wind up reading at least the newest ones, and then I plan my “to-do” list for the day. I remember 10 years ago I took pride in “cleaning out” my in-box each day. There was a certain peace that came over me to see no new messages. Today, that’s unimaginable. My email is always flooded, and as I look at the email icon on my desktop right now, I see there are 1,013 messages awaiting my attention. That’s one reason it’s important for me to plan my “to-do” list for the day. Information overload is upon us, and can take our focus off what we need to get done and bring us into a spiral of responding to others’ requests and priorities. That said, email has truly become the way most of us communicate at work (or, increasingly, by text) so I do my best to get them when I have moments throughout the day. Time management experts would likely tell us to only focus on email for one hour at the beginning or end of the day, but…