Forward Food Conference - A Celebration of Culture and Tradition

October 31, 2019

On October 16, Yale Hospitality and The Humane Society of the U.S., hosted a Forward Food Conference at Morse College promoting plant-forward diets as a healthy and cost-effective alternative that’s better for the plant. Included in the day’s events, Hospitality’s cooks, Joe Raccio and William Paternoster, performed a culinary demonstration of vegetarian and vegan dishes. The vegan recipe was a delicious Puerto Rican coconut pudding, Tembleque, a holiday favorite. The word Tembleque originates from tiembla in Spanish, or translated into English, wiggly, as the pudding should tremble when you shake it gently.

Tembleque was first introduced to Yale Hospitality in January 2019 by Julie Carrion, our Chef and Retail Impressions Manager, during a celebration of inclusion on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Joining Joe and William was Kira Pabon-Negron, a member of the Hospitality team at Morse College. Kira was thrilled to have Tembleque featured on the conference’s lunch menu, as it’s her family’s custom to serve it on New Year’s Eve, and she enthusiastically shared stories and food memories from her childhood.

In keeping with the autumnal season, the Tembleque was accompanied by a locally-sourced and inspired quince compote.

Forward Food Conference Chefs