Happy customer – a firsthand perspective

October 24, 2019

Recently, I called into the Facilities Customer Service Center (203-432-6888) about unusually cold air temperatures on my floor. Not long after, Steve Warner and Jim Brosious from Central Campus Facilities Controls stopped by to check the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system on my floor. They immediately discovered an issue with the vent and temperatures controls. After making some quick adjustments, the floor started to warm up.

Steve Warner and Jim Brosious from Facilities Controls.Steve Warner and Jim Brosious from Facilities Controls.

They then stopped by my desk and took the time to both explain why it had been so cold and offer a few suggestions about moving some out-take vents to further improve the office environment. During this exchange, I explained who I was and snapped their photo for this article.

The next day they stopped by to check the airflow and area temperatures. In addition, they also put in an order to move one of the vents, so it would not be blowing air directly on several cubicles.

The temperature has been more comfortable since their visit. Everyone on my floor was so pleased with their stellar customer service and how quickly they came and fixed the issue. We were also impressed that they came back the next day to make sure the temperature was good, and their fix did not cause the temperature to swing in the other direction- it didn’t.

Thank you, Steve and Jim, and all your colleagues at the Facilities Operations Customer Service Center for a job well done!

Lisa M. Maloney, Internal Communications, managing editor of Inside Facilities

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