Key projects and move updates reviewed at IT Leadership Team meeting

October 31, 2019

The IT Leadership Team met on October 30 to discuss the following projects and updates:

Enterprise Monitoring

The Enterprise Monitoring project is scheduled to kick off on October 31, with the goal of minimizing the footprint (and maximizing the use of) monitoring tools, expanding monitoring features and capabilities, and leveraging cost savings. Darrell Cook shared that the Enterprise Monitoring project will result in the development of best practices and standards around enterprise monitoring, a sound enterprise monitoring framework, the deployment of integrated toolsets, proactive monitoring, integrations with service management (ServiceNow), and more.

Additional discovery and planning efforts will take place through June, with implementation following shortly thereafter. As part of this project, additional monitors with dashboards may be installed throughout the building.

Move Updates

The first floor Data Center Operations and Help Desk move started on October 10 and is expected to conclude by Thanksgiving break (with the first floor vacated by the end of November). Cheri Ross, business operations manager for IT, shared that work is happening after-hours, from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., to minimize interference and background noise.

As part of the move, several conference rooms and huddle rooms are no longer available for reservation, including conference rooms 439 and 531, and huddle room 556. These rooms will be permanently converted to office spaces for consultants or IT staff. If you are impacted by the move, please take your phone and chair, and utilize movers if you need help (send requests to Workday desk locations are updated each Friday, for prior week moves, but staff are encouraged to verify this information. Additional equipment, including a refrigerator, copiers, and more are being relocated to the fourth floor to accommodate additional staff.

FY21 Portfolio Planning Update

For FY21, 38 proposals (totaling 48.1 million in funding) were submitted for consideration. On October 31, the first Pillar Chair presentation will take place to review and identify which proposals are eligible to move forward. Submitters will be notified of decisions from that meeting, to prevent unnecessary refinement. For those that are eligible to move forward, Iteration 2 will begin on November 1.

Throughout the process, which concludes in late March with a presentation to the Budget Advisory Group, office hours will be held, and partners will be available to support submitters. If you are unable to attend office hours, Sue Pacini will be available for one-on-one assistance.

Balanced Scorecard

The Senior Leadership Team has identified 13 strategic objectives for the FY20 Balanced Scorecard, and they are meeting weekly to review progress. Staff are encouraged to reach out to the Strategic Objective Owners, identified below, if they are interested in learning more or believe they can help.

  • All financial results not within 2% of budget (by category) reviewed monthly by SLT (Mark Manton)
  • Establish a personnel sourcing strategy, including undergraduate recruiting (John Barden)
  • Publish a 2-click service catalog and central services description (Sandra Germenis)
  • Define a plan for remediation of duplicate or obsolete services/applications (Marc Ulan)
  • Identify, prioritize, and assess core processes against best practice framework (Marc Ulan)
  • Adopt and integrate a minimum of six architecture standards (Marc Ulan)
  • Deploy improved processes for gating, change control, incident, and major incident management (Mark Ulan)
  • Establish a framework for the Yale IT Academy and launch two curriculums (Marc Ulan)
  • Prepare and launch a multi-touch campaign to provide expectations around balanced scorecard, diversity and inclusion, and information security risks (Karen Polhemus)
  • Service definition and SLA established and piloted (Sandra Germenis)
  • Define service classification and standards (Lou Tiseo)
  • Introduce service catalog and operational budgets to IT governance chairs (Ryan Schlagheck)
  • Document institutional services vs. divisionally provided services (Ted Hanss)

The next IT Leadership Team meeting is scheduled for November 20.