New reporting tool – Monthly Financial Review Checklist dashboard

October 23, 2019

A new Workday dashboard is now available that assists business office staff completing the monthly financial review checklist. The  dashboard provides a summarized view of select key reports included in the monthly financial review checklist. Individuals must still complete the full checklist of activities required by Policy 1101-FR.01. These key reports have been designed to include summary information in an easy to read format.

  • The intent is that a user can view at a high level the areas that should be focused on for the monthly review.
  • The dashboard has one prompt for the Organization, which can be a Cost Center or Cost Center Hierarchy node.

Stay tuned for further enhancements or additions, based on user feedback and the roll out of new reports to support the monthly financial review checklist. The Reporting Team welcomes suggestions and feedback on both the reports to support the checklist and the dashboard.

The Monthly financial review checklist should continue to be completed in accordance with Policy 1101-FR.01 Financial Review. 

The reporting team has also provided a user guide for the dashboard on the reporting website. Please reference that

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If you have any reporting inquires, contact Courtney Connors or send email  to