Report enhancement: SOA Actuals by Fund Summary - Yale and FD29 Hierarchy Move

October 16, 2019

The “SOA Actuals by Fund Summary - Yale” Workday report has been updated for two items. The report will now separate the financial activity of FD29 Industry Clinical Trials from the other two Grants and Contracts funds 02 and 28. In addition, the report will display GA Sweep activity under the heading of “GA Support” within “Total Fund Transfers”.

The activity of the GA Sweep is found in ledger account 92025 (GA Sweep Activity – CENTRAL USE ONLY). This accounting model is new in fiscal year 2019 and appears under the heading of “GA Support” within “Total Fund Transfers” to maintain the connection with other university General Appropriations (GA) funding.

The fund enhancement will allow users to more easily identify industry clinical trial activity which requires different monitoring than the Federal and Non-federal grant funds. To make this change in reports, there was a change to the structure of the fund hierarchy. The Funds in Operations Hierarchy Chart on the COA website segment values page has also been updated to reflect a 1:1 fund and fund hierarchy relationship rollup.

Fund Hierarchy                                                             Fund

UR Grants and Contracts - Federal                        FD02 Grants and Contracts - Federal

UR Grants and Contracts - Non-Federal              FD28 Grants and Contracts - Non-Federal

UR Clinical Trials [new]                                             FD29 Grants and Contracts - Industry Clinical Trials

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