Payroll Adjustment Form updated

November 6, 2019

To provide clarity and consistency, the 3501 FR.07 Payroll Adjustment Form was updated on October 31, 2019. A summary of changes is highlighted below.

Highlight of Changes:

  • Language updated for (Workday) consistency (Off-cycle vs On-Demand)
  • Procedure 3501 PR.04 was updated for clarity
  • For convenience, frequently used Pay Component/Element Codes are now listed with checkboxes with a link to a list of all pay codes (now published online)
  • Statement added: “Unless otherwise requested, payment will be processed in the same manner as the employee’s regular pay method. Note, however, that checks for employees who ordinarily receive checks will be sent to 221 Whitney Ave for pickup”
  • Link to Payroll Toolbox has been added to bottom of page (Additional resources can be found on the Payroll Toolbox.)
  • Instructions clarified:
    • All fields must be completed to process payment. Failure to do so will result in delays. Completed forms must be emailed to: Questions may be directed to Employee Services Center at 203-432-5552.      
    • Paid Time-off adjustment form should be emailed to Employee Services at

As a reminder, please always download forms from the Policy website, rather than saving to your desktop, as this will ensure you’re using the most recent version. Questions may be directed to Employee Services at 203-432-5552.