ServiceNow Upgrade

November 14, 2019

Scheduled for release the first quarter of 2020, the Service Management team will be kicking off the upgrade of ServiceNow to the latest version: New York. The primary goal of the effort is to bring the platform forward to the most current version and take advantage of new features and increased accessibility improvements.  The new version uses the current interface and the upgrade is designed to have no impact on daily work.

Notable Improvements include:

  • Surveys will now be shorter and display natively within the Service Portal. Clients will no longer be directed to the back-end and will receive a more user-friendly experience.
  • Service Offering Managers will be notified when a client requests follow-up. The system will notify the manager about who is requesting follow-up and direct them to the proper location to view the survey.
  • The mobile app for ServiceNow has been upgraded and updated to provide better functionality.

For questions or issues related to ServiceNow, the team holds regular office hours.