Award budget setup form rollout

December 4, 2019

After a successful three-month pilot, the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) is moving forward with a university-wide rollout of the Award Budget Setup (ABS) form. As a reminder, the ABS form contains information that is needed for award setup and combines it into one form vs. multiple forms (i.e., webform, PPG, etc.)

The new form will be uploaded into IRES by the departments. This new process enables departments to upload and download the ABS form into the related IRES record. It eliminates the need to ‘save a copy’ in the department so they don’t have to re-key standard data with every award setup request as they did with the Workday webform.

For individuals that do not have IRES access, request access by completing the IRES Departmental User Access Request form. Please note requests need to be submitted by lead administrators. The new ABS form and instructions for uploading into IRES are available on the OSP website – under Resources, OSP Forms.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Ellis at or 203-737-4264.

This new process will also be reviewed at the next OSP Brown Bag on January 16, 2020, departments can start using the ABS form now. Please note the prior webform will be retired in January 2020.