Take action: PCard fraud alerts

December 11, 2019

Yale strongly encourages PCard holders to enroll in J.P Morgan’s fraud alert program. Signing up for the program is a simple way to strengthen protections against cyber thieves and fraud. Cardholder alerts notify individuals of suspicious activity on their account and allow them to quickly reply to validate transactions without having to call customer service.

Enrolling in Fraud Alerts

The PCard Fraud Alerts page provides instructions to enroll. Only use the link to the J.P. Morgan enrollment site provided on the PCard Fraud Alerts page, which requires CAS authentication. Yale information security policy discourages providing links to external sites in email messages.
For further details, see the attached FAQs (note: links have been disabled for security reasons) or  call the number on the back of your card for help with enrollment.
For questions, contact purchasing.card@yale.edu.