Upgrade required to access full version of MyTime - Windows OS only

January 9, 2020

The following information applies to Windows operating systems (OS) only. If you are using a macOS, no action is required.


  • Beginning Sunday, January 12, Windows computers not managed by ITS and that do not have Yale’s upgraded version of Java (1.8.0_212), will no longer be able to run the full version of MyTime unless action is taken.
  • To continue to be able to access the full version of MyTime, individuals who do not have a computer managed by ITS are reminded to:
    • Visit the Software Library to install the updated Java Runtime Environment (JRE) modified for use at Yale or contact your local IT support provider before Friday, January 10.
  • Windows computers managed by ITS:
    • Automatically receive(d) the upgrade and no action is required.


Recently, an upgrade to Yale’s Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Windows operating systems was put into place. An update to the Kronos server, which supports MyTime, is planned to take place on Sunday, January 12. Computers not running the correct version of JRE (version 1.8.0_212 modified for use at Yale) will no longer be able to access the full version of MyTime after Sunday, January 12.

IMPORTANT: The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) update package is based on version 1.8.0_212 and has been modified for use at Yale. Therefore, downloading Java from the Java website, or anywhere else, will not provide the correct configurations for Yale’s environment.

Individuals who do not have a computer managed by ITS can download the updated version from the Software Library. See additional details for more information.

NOTE: Some web browsers do not run Java applets (e.g., Chrome, newer version of Firefox, etc.) and, therefore, they will not run the full version of MyTime (or other Java-dependent applications.) In these cases, we recommend that you run MyTimeLite in the web browser of your choice, or, if necessary, select Internet Explorer to run the full version MyTime.

Need help?

If you need support for an unmanaged computer, or you are experiencing issues with Java, contact the ITS Help Desk at 203-432-9000, or your local IT support provider.