Successful Start to Next Generation Network Pilot at 25SP

February 19, 2020

Lou Tiseo addresses other NGN team members.The program designed to increase Yale’s network security, resiliency, speed, and nimbleness—Next Generation Network (NGN)—reached a key milestone on February 7. This included the successful deployment of wired network services at 25 Science Park.

The deployment, which included moving 1,200 users to NGN, took place over the course of four days, concluding on February 7. The project team earned valuable experience during this deployment, which will be applied to the remaining wireless services and pilot locations, including 205 and 221 Whitney Avenue and 100 Church Street South.

The NGN program, which continues through FY24, will bring 60,000 devices in Yale’s community onto an updated network, to support the University’s complex research and learning institutional needs.

Members of the NGN teamLou Tiseo, senior director of foundational services for Yale IT, addressed the group and commended them for their collaboration across the organization. He reflected on the first day of the 25 Science Park deployment as “a big step forward, not only for Yale’s network but also for the mission of this university.” He shared that there is a lot of excitement among leadership and medical campus partners to adopt the new network, which replaces Yale’s aging infrastructure and brings new capabilities, including a dashboard that will allow IT to be more strategic in their oversight of network activity.

Additional information about the project, described by President Salovey as “support[ing] one of the university’s principal focuses: making investments across campus to help our faculty, students, and staff do their best work,” can be found on the NGN website.