Update on CMDB project

February 20, 2020


  • The first phase of the CMDB project, which kicked off in June, is scheduled to go live this month. 
  • This phase includes:
    • Automated discovery of assets in our on-premise data centers
    • Population of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) in ServiceNow


The goal of this effort is to improve operations by enhancing our ability to assess the impact and risk of change and accelerate the root cause analysis of incidents. It will also begin to lay the foundational blocks needed to support the maturing needs of Foundational Technologies. 

This phase of the CMDB project will involve implementing Discovery, an automated discovery process that searches the IT infrastructure for Configuration Items (CIs) and populates the CMDB with the information it finds. Discovery will launch in mid-February with an initial focus on the discovery of server, network, and database assets. The CMDB project team will then spend several weeks fine-tuning the processes and validating the discovered data. Information on how IT can utilize this data to improve operations will be provided after the validation process. 

As part of this initiative, a Governance model is being established to facilitate commitment from senior leadership, maintain the CMDB’s health, and oversee future growth of the CMDB.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Discovery tool launched on February 18 for all in-scope CI classes.
  • The scope is limited to assets in our on-premise ITS data centers.
  • The Discovery tool is a background process; we expect the tool to have no impact on the user population.
  • This effort will also include the future decommissioning of Aperture, the software that currently tracks data center assets. 

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