Food Convo Times Two!

March 12, 2020

February was a busy month for Hospitality’s Food Conversations series. Recently, we hosted an exploration of biodiversity in African food and culture with chefs Selassie Atadika and Pierre Thiam, moderated by Eddie Mandhry, Director for Africa and the Middle East at Yale’s Office for International Affairs. The Catering team, led by Julie Carrion and James Benson, created an incredible plant-based menu of satisfying dishes using underutilized yet sustainable grains such as teff and fonio, fresh, colorful salads, and legumes in curried and coconut sauces.
The Food Conversation that followed was a first-time, hands-on workshop featuring bread making. Atticus Bookstore Café’s head baker Josh Kanter, and Junzi Kitchen’s Lucas Sin ’15, talked elemental cooking, sourdough starters, and heritage and regional grains. Yale Bake Shop’s Brandie Villanova lent her exceptional skills to this event to teach participating students how to master basic dough kneading challah braiding.