March InfoSec Chats and Tech Talks

March 5, 2020

Hosted by the IT Staff Development team, Tech Talks and InfoSec Chats are part of a series of learning sessions for the IT community. Each session features one of a wide variety of topics targeted toward IT professionals. We will provide snacks.

Upcoming Sessions

Amit PoddarCANCELLED: Tech Talks: Writing Optimal SQL

Wednesday, March 18

This event has been cancelled.

Please join Amit Poddar for a presentation on Writing Optimal SQL. Many applications use relational databases such as Oracle or Microsoft SQLServer as their back-end. A lot of these applications suffer from SQL performance issues. Since a SQL statement does not prescribe any execution details, many application developers incorrectly attribute SQL performance issues as a general database performance issue.

By understanding some of the details behind execution plans, modern database optimizer calculations, and execution plan generation, it is possible for the application developers to address, or prevent many performance issues.

This discussion will cover:

  • Understanding SQL execution plans including access paths and joins
  • Optimizer costing and how should it be interpreted
  • Key performance metrics to focus when analyzing SQL execution
  • Avoiding common mistakes that result in poorly performing execution plans

Jessica Zaczek and Wendy Battles

CANCELLED: InfoSec Chats with Paul Rivers
Thursday, March 19

This event has been cancelled.

Join Paul Rivers, Chief Information Security Office for Yale University, and IT Staff Development, who are hosting “InfoSec Chats”.

Security is everyone’s job… But, not in the same way. - Paul Rivers

In this session, as part of cybersecurity awareness program planning efforts, Wendy Battles and Jessica Zaczek will lead an interactive conversation designed to gauge community understanding about cybersecurity awareness best practices as well as future topics of interest and preferred methods of learning.

An informal Meet & Greet will start at 3:30 p.m. where snacks will be provided. Jess and Wendy’s presentation will start at 3:45 p.m.

Check the IT calendar of events for additional details on future Tech Talks and InfoSec Chats.