New Yale Facilities website launched

March 19, 2020

The new and improved Yale Facilities website launched on March 2. The site features an updated design, streamlined and consolidated content, improved navigation, and a 30% increase in its web accessibility score, to accommodate the university’s policy on web accessibility.

One major aspect of the upgrade included the painstaking conversion of hundreds of PDF documents, namely Facilities Service Schedules, into printer-friendly webpages. These new pages also include enhanced features, to make it easier to locate and maintain schedule information. Additional improvements include an updated homepage, with helpful “quick links,” an optimized Services page, and the removal or consolidation of approximately 25 pages that support Contractors and Consultants and Facilities Staff, among others.

Before the upgrade, Internal Communications conducted user testing, to ensure that the changes would benefit the Yale community. They also looked at metrics, to understand which pages were used the most or the least by website visitors, and used this data to optimize the site. The result of these efforts is a modern, user-friendly website that provides users with quickly and easy access to Facilities information and services.