Accessing Adobe Creative Cloud post-graduation

April 30, 2020

With graduation just around the corner, individuals who directly support students may notice an increased volume of inquiries related to Adobe Creative Cloud resources. We are instructing our students to visit Adobe’s migration page for graduating students. There, soon-to-be-graduates will find instructions to migrate their Creative Cloud assets from their Yale-assigned account to personal Creative Cloud free membership accounts.

With just a few clicks, students will be able to have ongoing access to their assets, including their work such as Adobe Photoshop images and Illustrator graphics, Adobe Spark pages, Adobe Portfolio websites, and Behance profiles. Migrating their assets enables graduates to showcase their work to future employers long after graduation. 

Visit Adobe’s migration page for graduating students for more information and detailed instructions. Adobe also has a special Creative Cloud offer for graduating students.

The Adobe Creative Cloud suite of apps is available to all Yale students. Yale faculty, staff, and their support providers may incorporate Adobe products into a course, if desired.