Application Hosting Standard approved

April 30, 2020

Modern applications are complex. They are developed anticipating a secure and performant processing, storage, data, and network environment. How then, does a technical team determine which of our managed hosting environments are the best fit?

The Application Hosting Standard, written by Amit Poddar, demystifies the process of determining the best managed services hosting environment for a specific application. IT architects, solution designers, and technical leads can now use this standard to guide their selection process.

The standard establishes application hosting principles and utilizes those principles in a decision tree to guide teams to the top hosting candidates. In many cases, the standard will lead to one environment. For highly-complex cases, the standard will narrow the possibilities to the most likely environments and reveal additional analysis required to make a final selection. The standard also provides guidance on how to obtain support in making a hosting decision.

Please review the Application Hosting Standard, now available in the IT Architecture Standards Repository (may require login). The Enterprise Architecture Team always welcomes feedback.

Access the IT Architecture Standards Repository (may require login) to review additional standards that will help your service deliver secure, reliable, performant, and efficient solutions while simultaneously reducing technical debt.