John answers a question about recommended tools for web developers

April 16, 2020

Yale’s Chief Information Officer, John Barden, addresses questions asked by the community through our Ask John survey feature. This week, John answers a question about recommended tools for web developers.

What tools are recommended or available to web developers around campus that don’t work closely with ITS. For example, are there any resources beyond workshops - e.g. recommendations for testing frameworks for regression testing, best practices, etc.,? Can you give us a look into your devops practices?

As an organization, we’ve been actively refining our standards. Standards improve the ability to act as an integrated team, and enable individuals to act with autonomy while assuring the areas of collaboration and handoff are easily transitioned. As they are developed, we are publishing them as standards for ITS, and making them available for developers beyond ITS, on the About IT website. Learn more about the team in the Examining ITS’ technology architecture approach article, and review our list of adopted standards.

At the same time, a Systems Development Processes Sharepoint site has been established under the leadership of Darrell Cook and others at IT to provide the internal and external community with reference materials to support them in defining, designing, developing, and testing their applications. On the Sharepoint site, you’ll find secure programming practices, testing strategies, and recommended tools and templates including Business Analytics (BA) document templates. We are seeking input from members of the IT community to further optimize the site, and I encourage you to send any feedback to him directly at

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