Update - Assigning Costing Allocation end dates

April 29, 2020

When a position change has been approved and the employee has a Worker Position level costing allocation with an end date that is empty or after the employee’s start date in the new position, the costing allocation end date should be entered or updated.

Effective April 30, 2020, the Cost Center Payroll Costing Specialist will be alerted to the change in position and an Assign Costing Allocation task will be sent to their Inbox.

If the costing allocation end date has already been maintained or if the effective date of the transfer has passed, simply select submit to remove the task from your inbox.

For more information on costing allocations, view the procedure and the costing allocation guide. For questions regarding costing allocations, please contact sharedservices@yale.edu. For general questions regarding the Change Job process, contact employee.services@yale.edu.