New report listing Invoices over 90 days old

May 20, 2020

Effective June 1, 2020, Yale Shared Services will begin distributing a new report listing all unapproved, unpaid invoices older than 90 days. The “Invoices in Progress More than 90 Days -Yale Report” will be generated quarterly and emailed to all Senior Directors.

Aging, unapproved, and unpaid invoices in Workday may lead to late payments, which may, in turn, impact University/Vendor relationships. The “Invoices in Progress More than 90 Days -Yale Report” will be provided as a tool to improve invoice management, avoid late payments, and sustain positive University/Vendor relationships.

In the last month of the quarter, Senior Directors will be emailed the report showing a roll-up by Planning Unit of all unapproved invoices older than 90 days. With this information, they may then work with the appropriate members of their team to take the necessary action to approve and pay the invoices and/or address any pending issues that led to the approval delay.

What action is recommended once the report is received?
Upon receipt of the report, it is recommended that Senior Directors reach out to or share the report with their Lead Administrators and Operations Managers to determine the cause of the delayed approval, and take the necessary steps to resolve, approve, and pay the invoice.

Need help?
Please contact the Finance Support Center through email at or 203-432-5394 with any questions.