Account Holder Report by Person with enhancements available June 29

June 17, 2020


  • On Monday, June 29, the Account Holder Report by Person (AHR by Person), will be updated with enhancements requested by the community.
  • On-line materials or one of three optional 45-minute virtual information sessions are available to review the enhancements.
  • Access to the existing AHR by Person report will be unavailable from Saturday, June 27, through Sunday, June 28.


On June 29, the AHR by Person will be delivered with enhancements requested by the community. While the general appearance of the report, including the format as a PDF remains the same, the following updates are included in the listed sub-reports.

Detailed Transactions

  • Changed Transaction Date from Budget Date to Invoice Date for Supplier Invoice transactions.
  •  Added Enhanced Payee, Transaction Description, Initiator, Preparer and Approver for multiple types of transactions.
  • Revenue Category is included in revenue transactions.

Pending Commitments

  • Journal line memo is now the description provided for Manual Commitments.
  • Spend Authorization commitments are included in both the Monthly Account Summary and Pending Commitments sub-reports.

Additional Enhancements

  • Cost-sharing accounts no longer include commitments that extend beyond the end of the current fiscal.
  • New parameter selection for Consolidated Cost-share.  

Additional Changes Coming

For some journal sources, the Initiator, Preparer and Approver are not populated yet. For example:

  • Expense reports without a department approver will not have an Approver listed.
  • Expense Report Payee shows as “Expense Report.” The actual Payee will be populated in the future.
  • Payroll Account Adjustments that are posted in the current month will not be reflected in the Payee Trend until the following month.
  • Supplier Invoice Requests will not have the Initiator, Preparer or Approver populated at this time.

Information Sessions

If you would like to attend an optional 45-minute virtual information session to learn more about the enhancements, as well as have an opportunity to ask questions, please click this link Yale TMS AHR by Person training offerings. If you prefer on-demand information, please use this link:  Link to the training material.


Due to the AHR by Person upgrade, access to the report will be turned off from Saturday, June 27, through Sunday, June 28.


For support, please contact the Finance Support Center (FSC) at 203-432-5394 or send an email with the subject line “AHR by Person report” to