Change to Grant Budget Category

June 24, 2020


  • Printing and Publications budget category for Grants has been decommissioned
  • Existing budget amounts in this category will be moved to Services Expense


As part of the enhancements to the Account Holder by Person report (AHR by Person report), Grant budget categories were reviewed. The Printing and Publications category was being used for Grant budgets, however no ledger accounts were mapped to this category which prevented actual activity from displaying on reports in this category. All printing and publications related expenses were being displayed in the Services Expense category. 

In addition, the changes to the AHR by Person report will prevent this budget category from displaying on the report. Therefore, the Printing and Publications budget category has been changed to DNU_SP45 Printing & Publications and should no longer be used. For all existing budgets for Active grants, the amounts originally budgeted for Printing and Publications have been moved to Services Expense, therefore no action is needed by you. This move will match budgeted expenses to actual expenses appropriately. 

Important note:  The reclassification from Printing and Publications to Services Expenses cannot be done for Inactive Grants. Therefore, if you are using the AHR by Person report to manage an Inactive Grant (this should be rare), this budget amount will no longer appear.

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