Hiring Spotlight – Tiffanie Holmes

June 30, 2020

In March 2020, Tiffanie Holmes was hired as an Administrative Assistant at Major Gifts Department. Before that Tiffanie spent 5 months in a temporary capacity at the Care Center.

Tell us about your journey?
My journey has been a long one. I realized that my job search would need more focus and energy than I had expected. I’ve honed many of my skills through the helpful New Haven Hiring Initiative events. A couple of events that stood out were Yale Ready and Professional Interviewing Techniques. These events allowed me to ask questions and practice my skills, which gave me a renewed sense of confidence.

What else did you find helpful?
Another aspect that helped with my professional growth was my relationship with my job coach at New Haven Works. Having someone that was working on my behalf gave me a sense of reassurance that my hard work would bring the desired results. Returning to my home town, my goal was to work for University where I could grow professionally. Additionally, I was looking for benefits that would provide a stable future for my family.

What are your tips for success?
Being willing to continue to work for your goal is key. Once I became available for temporary opportunities, I was referred to a few positions. Soon after, I was offered a User Acceptance Tester position at the Care Center. This was the catalyst I needed to get my foot in the door where I was able to showcase my skills. While temping, I kept applying for regular positions and after a few months, I was able to secure permanent employment.

What is your message for other job seekers?
Keep working on your skills and stay persistent. My hard work and diligence paid off and I was offered the Administrative Assistant position at Major Gifts Department. My supervisor Christine Schuster was very open to accepting me as a new member of her administrative team. This experience is a rewarding one and I am grateful for the ongoing assistance I have had throughout this process.