Updated Dashboard and New Workday Report

June 10, 2020

Award Closeout Review Dashboard updated to Tab Views

The Award Closeout Review Dashboard will now contain two tabs that distinguish Business Office from the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) Central Office review. Due to security constraints, the reports on the OSP tab will only be available to the OSP Central Office. The Business Office tab will contain all of the reports from the original Award Closeout Review dashboard. Therefore, Business Offices will only be able to view the Helpful Links on this tab.

For questions, please contact the Financial Support Center at shared.services@yale.edu at or 203-432-5394.

New Report – View Spend Restrictions – Yale

A new report was recently released in Workday called “View Spend Restrictions - Yale.” This report was created for all authorized users who can now view spend categories and/or pay components that are assigned to specific spend restrictions for sponsored awards.

Spend Restrictions are Workday’s method of preventing unallowed types of expenses on sponsored awards. The Spend Restriction that is applied can be found on the Award Line record within Workday. There are three commonly used spend restrictions that are defaulted in the report:

  • Federal - Unallowed,
  • Non Federal – Unallowed
  • Subaward – Allowed

Included in the report:

  • Spend Restriction
  • Restricted By
  • Entry Method
    • Allowable
    • Unallowable
    • Spend Category Restrictions

For questions, please contact the Financial Support Center at shared.serviced@yale.edu or 203-432-5394.